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Pizza & Pastry Cutter

  • This Pizza/Pastry Cutter is a premium product.
  • The blade is made of high quality Stainless Steel and the handle is PP Handle.
  • This is cutter has Satin Finish. The 2 in 1 product to cut pizza, sandwiches, pastry dough, flatbread , waffle , pie and much more.
  • Perfect cuts every time with the razor sharp stainless steel blade. Durable material and safe for use on all cooking surfaces.
  • Easy to clean and quick hand-wash or put them in the dishwasher.
  • The most premium range is designed ensuring an impeccable feel and finish, with fantastic utility and efficiency.
  • This is an helping hand for experts, enthusiasts and anyone who believes in having the best.
  • Size - Handle Length 100mm, Wheel Diameter 60mm.
  • Country of origin - India .